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The Lady Vanishes

Auditions - 21st March
Rotherfield Memorial Hall (downstairs) at 7:30pm

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26th to 28th July at 7:30pm
Kings Arms Garden

2nd and 3rd August at 7:30pm
Noah's Ark Inn, Lurgashall

The Lady Vanishes is one of the great thrillers that Alfred Hitchcock made in England before he went to America.  It starred Michael Redgrave and Margaret Lockwood.  This version has been adapted from the original novel.  The basic plot remains the same but there are differences in the details.  It is set in about 1938 just before the Second World War.

Iris Carr is returning to England by train from a holiday in Eastern Europe.  She faints on the platform with sunstroke.  On the train she is befriended by the homely English governess, Miss Froy.  She falls asleep.  When she wakes up Miss Froy has gone.  Iris is disturbed to find that everyone in the railway compartment now denies that she ever existed.

Desperately Iris tries to find other passengers on the train who might have seen her with Miss Froy.  They all, for various reasons, do not wish to become involved and they deny having seen her.  It is supposed that Iris is suffering after her attack of sunstroke.  She has only one rather reluctant ally in the young Max Hare.

It is announced that Iris’s friend has been found.  She rushes to greet her only to find a German woman, Frau Kummer, dressed in the same clothes and claiming to be the woman who befriended her.  By now Iris is beginning to doubt her own sanity.

In the end everything is resolved.  Miss Froy was involved in a political incident and there was an attempt to ‘remove’ her.  A ’patient’ in bandages had been brought onto the train.  Miss Froy was overcome and substituted for the patient.  Iris manages to get to her and uncover the plot.

The play is a lively comic thriller with a cast of seven men and ten women in a range of ages.  As well as the young couple, Iris and Max, there is a formidable baroness and a creepy doctor from Eastern Europe, a vicar and his overbearing wife, two dotty spinster sisters, a couple indulging in an extra-marital affair and porters, waiters etc.

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