Past Productions

The Happiest Days of Your Life - April 1996

Directed by Alison Organ

This play was put on to celebrate 20 years since the formation of The Rotherfield Players and was also the first play to be performed after the Village Hall was rebuilt. The first new Village Hall started to collapse after just 15 years!! Probably a builder called Jerry.

The Cast

Chris Alves Mr Pond
Peter Whittington Mr Tassell
Tim Collins Mr Billings
Felicity Gallifant Miss Whitchurch
Sue Alves Miss Gossage
Kate Organ Joyce Harper
Joanna Evans Barbara Cahoun
Unknown Hopcroft Minor
Mike Organ Rev. Peck
Jen Ward Mrs Peck
Brent Simmonds Mr Sowter
Deirdre Cornford Mrs Sowter
Geoff Britten Rainbow

Unfortunately we don't have a programme so we cannot provide details of the back stage crew.

We have a few photographs of very low quality so that might not help with identifying the cast!!




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