Past Productions

Jack and the Beanstalk - January 2023

Directed by James Gallifant

Choreography by Victoria Field

Stage Design by Robert Chesterton

This was our first pantomime production since January 2020. For those that don't know the tale, Jack sells Daisy the Cow to the Baddie (Grabbit) for a bag of gold. It wasn't gold of course but beans that the Fairy had made into magic beans. Well the local landlord (Giant Blunderbore) kidnapped the Princess whom Jack had fallen in love with in 30 seconds. The King says that anybody can marry his Daughter, the Princess, if that person can kill Blunderbore!! Some father he is, eh? Well, Blunderbore kidnaps the Princess. The beans grow up to Cloudland where an EasyJet plane is coming through. Jack climbs the beanstalk, kills the giant and returns to claim the Princess for his wife. Fortunately, the Princess is happy about that. Grabbit has his botty smacked for being a naughty boy even though the audience screamed for his blood in various sadistic ways!! Dame Trott is Jack's mother which is a scientific mystery!!




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