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Kiss Me, Kate

June 2008


A musical version of The Taming of the Shrew is about to open in Baltimore.  In the show, with producer/actor Fredric C Graham, is his former wife Lilli Vanessi, now a celebrated film star.  Their tempestuous relationship in real life is played out on stage in their roles as Petruchio and Katherine.  Fred fancies Lois Lane, a cabaret singer who is playing Bianca.  She, however, loves the irresponsible gambler, Bill Calhoun, who has signed Fred’s name to an IOU for $10,000 for gambling debts.  Thus begins the intriguing story of Kiss Me, Kate,  

The Bosses

Director Alison Organ
Assistant Director Ros Williams
Musical Director Sue Burnett
Choreographer Catherine Ireland
Assistant choreographer Sophie Richardson
Producer Jane Littlefair





The Cast

Rotherfield Players
Baltimore Theatre roles
Shakespearean roles
Richard Comben Pops - stage doorman Innkeeper
Paduan Priest
Louise Coe Hattie - Lillie Vanessi's dresser Ensemble singer
Adam Hardy Paul - Fred Graham's dresser Ensemble singer
Derek Holland Ralph - stage manager  
Kate Organ Lois Lane Bianca Minola
Chris Walton-Turner Bill Cahoun Lucentio
Sarah Thorn Lilli Vanessi Katherine Minola
Barry Shyvers Fred Graham Petruchio
James Gallifant Harry Trevor

Baptista Minola

Jon Alcock Gangster Gangster
Simon Kerr-Davis Gangster Gangster
Tom Tapsfield Ensemble dancer Hortensio
Brian Wright Ensemble Gremio
Becky Syms Wardrobe mistress Waitress
Ensemble dancer
Heather Campbell Dance Captain Natalie
Ensemble dancer
Alice Burrell Ensemble Phillippa
Ensemble dancer
Paul McNally Stagehand
Cab driver
Clare Carruthers Stagehand Ensemble singer
Jessica Hardy Stagehand
Ensemble singer
Fiona Grunwell Military driver
Ensemble dancer
Nigel Burnett General Harrison Howell  
Lisa McNally Ensemble Donkey
Ensemble singer
Jess Lunn Ensemble Ensemble singer
Holly Hufflet Ensemble Ensemble singer


The Band

Piano Sue Burnett
Flutes Katherine Crowley
  Victoria Burnett
  Belinda Romans
Clarinets Nigel Burnett
  Kate Shaw
Saxophone Philip Illman
Trumpet Karen Boynton
Double Bass Antoine Ollivier
Drums Mark Howard

Backstage Crew

Stage Manager Charles Truelove
Set Design Alison Organ
Set Build Ian Hunt
Charles Truleove
Stage Gaffers Stuart Clark
Phil Ireland
Trevor Skinner
Costumes Hazel Buck
Helen Gallifant
Shelagh Whitehead
Properties Jon Greenyer
Clare Greenyer
Make-up and Hair Lisa McNally
Lighting Nigel Cassford
Sound Steve Allen
Prompt Deirdre Cornford
Continuity Sophie Richardson
Front of House Jane Littlefair
Box Office James Gallifant
Photographs Sean Aidan
Programme Design Gillian Earle
Publicity Charles Truelove




Petruchio taming Kate! Kate taming Petruchio!
Oh joy Dancing
Kiss Me, Kate Kiss Me, Kate
Kiss Me, Kate Kiss Me, Kate
Kiss Me, Kate Kiss Me, Kate
Kiss Me, Kate Kiss Me, Kate


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