Past Productions

The Magic Fruit - January 2005

Directed by James Gallifant
Musical Director Sue Evans

Performed in the Rotherfield Village Hall

Written by Sue Williams and James Gallifant (members of the Rotherfield Players)

The story was based upon a Rotherfield legend: -

Once upon a time there was a young girl who could or would not smile. There was an old tree in the St Denys churchyard that would bloom every 100 years. One of the blooms would develop in to a fruit that had quite remarkable healing powers. One day the young girl was meandering through the churchyard when she discovered the fallen fruit and ate it. Rather than making the poor girl ill the fruit had the effect of making her smile.

Local scientists have speculated that the smile was caused by the alcoholic content of the rotting fruit but most local folk know better. Since that day, villagers have maintained that churchyard tree with props so that maudlin children might perhaps benefit from the powers of the unusual fruit.

There still is a tree in St Denys churchyard that is propped up. The fruit used in the Magic Fruit pantomime was a copy of a drawing found in the attic of the Manor House. (JG)


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