Past Productions

Plaza Suite (May 2016)

Director Alan Varley

Act 1 - Sam & Karen meet up on their Wedding Anniversary, in Suite 719, where they honeymooned 23 years ago. Things turn sour when Sam owns up to an affair with his secretary.

Act 2 - After three unsuccessful marriages, Jesse is looking for fresh fields and invites a childhood sweetheart (now married with three children) to Suite 719 for a chat – (for “chat”, read “sex”!) Jesse’s smooth, silky experienced small talk is delightful to behold, with Muriel getting closer to the horizontal as the play draws to a close.

Act 3 - This is a hilarious scenario, where the bride locks herself in the bathroom, refusing to come out for her wedding. With hundreds of guests drinking his champagne downstairs, Roy descends into an apoplectic state, trying to reason with his daughter and wife. 

Act 1
Act 2
Act 3


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