Past Productions

The Rotherfield Pageant - June 1992

Written by Jean McConnell
(based upon a book by Catherine Pullein that was used for the first Rotherfield pageant in 1923)

Directed by Peter Sowerbutts

Produced by Andrew Fermor

Stage Manager - James Gallifant

The Pageant was not strictly a Rotherfield Players production but the group certainly lead the way. It was probably the biggest event in the village since the 1923 pageant and involved the whole village working towards one single goal.

The production was staged on the lower recreation ground with three large tiered stands around a central stage. Several marquees housed costumes and properties. The event included the campanologists in the bell tower of St Denys church, pyrotechnics, animals and actors.

Al fresco rehearsals and the stage build were all conducted in glorious weather. Unfortunately, a huge storm created a great deal of damage to the set and each of the production nights were damp and windy.

Probably the greatest team effort that Rotherfield has ever seen.


We know that there are many photographs of this event. Just a case of finding them!!


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