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My Fair Lady

Directed by Kate Organ

Production Dates:

29th -30th April and
5th–7th May 2022


Character Name
Eliza Doolittle Heather Campbell
Mrs Pearce Gussie Morley
Mrs Higgins Alison Organ
Mrs Eynsford-Hill Victoria Field
Mrs Hopkins Barbara Winter
Georgie (Bar Landlady) Ellie Hardy
Flower Girl Ali Close
Higgins’ Servants Chorus
  • 1st Maid (Alto)
  • 2nd Maid (Sop)
  • 3rd Maid (Sop)
  • Ellie Hardy
  • Ailsa Clark
  • Pauline Dixon
  • Ailsa Clark
  • Ali Close (Mrs Higgins’ Maid)
  • Alison Pallant
  • Barbara Winter
  • Ellie Hardy
  • Helen Barnaby (Lady Boxington)
  • Meryl Bridges (Queen)
  • Pauline Dixon
  • Victoria Field


Character Name
Professor Higgins Chris Walton-Turner
Colonel Pickering Derek Holland
Freddy Eynsford-Hill Christian McDonald
Alfred Doolittle Mark Rosier
Harry Simon Clay
Jamie Richard Field
Zoltan Karparthy Larry Robinson
Higgins’ Servants Chorus
  • Butler
  • Footman
  • Graham Carpenter
  • Richard Field
Policeman David Close
Footman at Ball & ‘Angry Man’ Andy Miller / Robert Chesterton
  • David Close
  • Graham Carpenter
  • Larry Robinson (Lord Boxington)
  • Richard Field
  • Simon Clay













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