My Fair Lady

Directed by Kate Organ

We would love to see lots of you at our auditions on Sunday 28th November – including those of you who weren’t able to make the help night; we can assure you that we are building in plenty of time during the day to go over all the singing and movement to ensure you are as confident as possible.  Please note, this includes any of our youth membership who are 16 years and over

The audition day will be structured as follows:
Morning session: Rotherfield Memorial Institute (RSM)

nb. – anyone who only wants to audition for any of Harry, Jamie, Mrs Hopkins, Georgie, Flower Girl and Policeman and no other parts we can do this dialogue in the afternoon.

Afternoon session: Rotherfield Village Hall




‘Stage’ Age


Eliza Doolittle 20s A cockney flower girl from Lisson Grove working
outside Covent Garden. Her potential to become ‘a lady’ becomes the object of a bet between Higgins and Pickering
Mrs Pearce 30+ Higgins’ housekeeper. In charge of Higgins’
household and staff.  Also, part of Higgins’
“servants’ chorus”
Mrs Higgins 70+ Higgins’ long-suffering mother
Mrs Eynsford-Hill 50+ A friend of Mrs Higgins and Freddy’s mother
Mrs Hopkins Any A lively cockney woman who is always interested in
everyone else’s business
Georgie (Bar Landlady) Any Landlady of Doolittle’s ‘local’
Flower Girl 20s Friend of Eliza who works at Covent Garden
Higgins’ Maids (x 3) Any Maids who work for Professor Higgins. Singing parts
Ensemble Any A variety of Cockney and “well to do / upper class”


Character ‘Stage Age’ Name
Professor Higgins 40s / 50s British, upper class professional bachelor, world famous phonetics expert, teacher and author of “Higgins’ Universal Alphabet”
Colonel Pickering 60+ Retired British officer with colonial experience and
author of “Spoken Sanskritt”
Freddy Eynsford-Hill 20s / 30s Upper class young man who becomes completely
smitten with Eliza
Alfred Doolittle 50+ Eliza’s father; a lively dustman and ‘philosopher!’
Harry & Jamie Any Drinking companions of Alfred Doolittle
Zoltan Karparthy 40+ A bearded Hungarian; former phonetics student of
Henry Higgins
Higgins’ Butler & Footman Any Servants of Professor Higgins. Singing parts
Policeman Any Policeman who works around Covent Garden
Ensemble Any A variety of Cockney and “well to do/upper class”

Audition Pieces

Click on the required audition piece for the script extract

Eliza and Doolitte dialogue

Eliza, Freddy, Mrs Higgins and Mrs Eynsford Hill

Higgins dialogue

Higgins, Pickering, Mrs Pearce and Eliza

Pickering and Mrs Higgins

Doolittle dialogue

Mrs Hopkins plus Georgie, Flower Girl, Jamie, Harry and Policeman

Freddy and Mrs Pearce

Zoltan Karpathy dialogue

Eliza singing "I could have Danced"

Eliza singing "Wouldn't I"

Freddy singing "On the Street Where You Live"

Higgins singing "I've Grown Accustomed"

Pickering singing "You Did It"

Mrs Pearce, Harry, Jamie and Higgins Servants (Butler, Footman and Maids)

Doolittle singing "Get me to the Church"

Eliza and all singing " Wouldn't I"

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