Pack of Lies

16th to 18th May 2024

Written by Hugh Whitemore

Directed by Derek Holland

In 1961, Peter and Helen Kroger, two Americans living in a London suburb, were convicted of spying for the Russians and sentenced to 20 years imprisonment.

Hugh Whitemore has written a powerful fictional account of the events leading up to their arrest with the action centred on the totally unsuspecting Jackson household. 

Bob, Barbara and their daughter Julie who had become the Kroger’s firm friends.  In the nightmare months that follow, the Jackson’s happy life is shattered as the truth about their much loved friends is gradually revealed to them and, helpless in an alien, sordid world of deception and treachery.  Barbara reaches breaking point with the agonizing realisation that the Krogers have betrayed her and she, in turn, has betrayed the Krogers.


Helen Barnaby Barbara
David Smith Bob
Amy Gambrill Julie
Emma Harrison Helen
Darren Thomas Peter
David Adams Stewart
Grainne Murphy Thelma
Victoria Field Sally







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